The main roles of Scavenger are:

  • Find Completed tasks and archive them

  • Find Expired tasks (ones invoked, but not successfully completed by Workers) and either retry or mark them as failed.

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class sosw.scavenger.Scavenger(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Scavenger main class performes the following operations:

  • archive_tasks(labourer)

  • handle_expired_tasks(labourer)

  • retry_tasks(labourer)

archive_tasks(labourer: Labourer)[source]

Read from sosw_tasks the ones successfully marked as completed by Workers and archive them.

get_db_field_name(key: str) str[source]

Could be useful if you overwrite field names with your own ones (e.g. for tests).

move_task_to_retry_table(task: Dict, labourer: Labourer)[source]

Put the task to a Dynamo table sosw_retry_tasks, with the wanted delay: labourer.max_runtime * attempts. Delete it from sosw_tasks table.

retry_tasks(labourer: Labourer)[source]

Read from dynamo table sosw_retry_tasks, get tasks with retry_time <= now, and put them to sosw_tasks in the beginning of the queue (with greenfield of a task that will be invoked next).