Meta Handler is an optional collector of all the events that were happening to the task while being orchestrated by sosw. In case you create a DynamoDB table sosw_tasks_meta in your environment, sosw will start collecting the meta data automatically. The required schema for the table is described in sosw/examples/yaml/initial/sosw-dev-shared-dynamodb.yaml .

The setup script will create the table by default.

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class sosw.managers.meta_handler.MetaHandler(custom_config: Dict = None, **kwargs)[source]

MetaHandler is helper class for Essential classes. It works with DynamoDB table to store the meta data of operations on Tasks.

post(task_id: str, action: str, **kwargs)[source]

Write row with meta data to sosw_tasks_meta DynamoDB Table if configured. As long as collecting the meta data is optional, the MetaHandler will either save it to DynamoDB or just log.