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class sosw.worker.Worker(custom_config=None, **kwargs)[source]

We recommend that you inherit your core Processor from this class in Lambdas that are orchestrated by sosw.

The __call__ method is supposed to accept the event of the Lambda invocation. This is a dictionary with the payload received in the lambda_handler during invocation.

Worker has all the common methods of Processor and tries to mark task as completed if received task_id in the event. Worker create a payload with stats and result if exist and invoke worker assistant lambda.

mark_task_as_completed(task_id: str)[source]

Call worker assistant lambda and tell it to close task

mark_task_as_failed(task_id: str)[source]

Call worker assistant lambda and tell it to update task info


Please find the following elementary example of Worker Lambda.

import logging
from sosw import Worker
from import LambdaGlobals, get_lambda_handler

logger = logging.getLogger()

class Processor(Worker):

        'init_clients':     ['dynamo_db'],
        'dynamo_db_config': {
            'row_mapper':      {
                'hash_col':  'S',  # Number
                'range_col': 'N',  # String
            'required_fields': ['hash_col', 'range_col'],
            'table_name':      'autotest_dynamo_db',  # If a table is not specified, this table will be used.

    dynamo_db_client = None

    def __call__(self, event):

        # Example of your Worker logic
        row = event.get('row')

        # Do some basic cleaning and marking `sosw` task as completed.

    def put_to_db(self, row):


    # Setting the entry point of the lambda.
    global_vars = LambdaGlobals()
    lambda_handler = get_lambda_handler(Processor, global_vars)

In case you inherit from the Worker you do not have to implement anything custom for the function to be properly orchestrated. Just do not forget to call the super().__call__(event) at the end of your execution. It will automatically collect and update the stats as well as call the WorkerAssistant Lambda function to close the task.