Contribution Guidelines

Release cycle

  • Master branch commits are automatically packaged and published to PyPI.

  • We follow both Semantic Versioning pattern and PEP440 recommendations where comply

  • Branches for planned staging versions follow the pattern: X_Y_Z (Major.Minor.Micro)

  • Make your pull requests go to the closest staging branch (with smallest after release number of either current or next Minor)

  • Make sure your branch is up to date with the branch you are making a PR to


  • Latest released version in PyPI 0.7.31

  • Closest staging Minor branch in sosw/sosw 0_7_33

  • Latest Minor staging branch in sosw/sosw 0_7_35

  • Closest Next Minor branch in sosw/sosw 0_9_1

Your PR should be to either 0_7_33 or 0_9_1 depending on the importance of changes.

Code formatting

Follow the PEP8 but both classes and functions are padded with 2 empty lines.


  • Fork the repository:

  • Register Account in AWS: SignUp

  • Run pipenv sync --dev to setup your virtual environment and download the required dependencies

  • If you are not familiar with CloudFormation, we highly recommend at least learning the basics from the tutorial.

  • Follow the Installation to setup your environment.

  • Create some Sandbox Lambda.

  • Play with it.

  • Read the Documentation Convention

Building the docs

To build the docs locally, run: sphinx-build -ab html ./docs ./sosw-rtd

You can also use the built in python web server to view the html version directly from localhost in your preferred browser.

sphinx-build -ab html ./docs ./sosw-rtd; (cd sosw-rtd && python -m http.server)

Pull Requests Checklist

Great that you are ready to contribute!

  • Make sure your fork is up to date with upstream

# Clean everything
git reset --hard
git clean -fdx
git checkout master

# Fetch possible changes to YOUR master
git pull origin master

# Check if remote upstream is configured
git remote -v

# If missing upstream
git remote add upstream

# Update your fork remote with the upstream changes
git pull upstream master
git push origin master
  • Make sure your code passes all the tests

pytest sosw/test/
  • Make sure the documentation builds correctly

sphinx-build -ab html ./docs ./sosw-rtd; (cd sosw-rtd && python -m http.server)
  • Push the changes to your fork remote

git push origin master
  • Make a PR to the upstream repository of sosw

Some guidelines of how to do create PRs from forks can be found in GitHub documentation.