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[docs]def hello(name, age, tags=None): """ User friendly welcome function. Uses `name` and `age` to salute user. This is still same line of documentation. While this is a new paragraph. Note that `rst` is sensitive to empty lines and spaces. Some code Example: .. code-block:: python def hello(): return "world" This is paragraph 3. * And some bullet list * With couple rows * Even 3 rows Now go parameters. PyCharm adds them automatically. :param str name: User name of type string. :param tags: Types are not required, but this is a good practice to show what you expect. :param age: You can also specify multiple types, with a little different syntax. Note that empty lines do not matter here for `sphinx`, but good for code readability. :type age: int | float :rtype: dict :return: You can specify type of return value in `rtype` (if it is uncertain). """ return f"Hello {'bro' if age > 10 else 'kid'}"